A sale and an opening.

I’m having an opening sale. Come and check out the bargains. … More A sale and an opening.


Getting Ready…

I’m getting ready for my first online sales event. A friend asked if I would be interested in a Flash Sale online event. Perhaps with not enough fore thought I said YES! It’s been hard to get things ready but I’ve done it. I have a new sewing area. This used to be my paper … More Getting Ready…

Well, hello!

Yes, it’s been a while. A full year, well, minus a few days. Life and other interruptions. How they get in the way! I haven’t forgotten about you, honest, I didn’t. I have been researching patterns, fabrics and accessories. I have found the wonderful Patterns by Gertie, also, her blog Gertie’s Blog For Better Sewing, is a wealth … More Well, hello!

The 1st Dress

Hi welcome to the first Patchwork Pin-Up blog post. That gorgeous pic above is my very first bit of ‘proper’ patchwork. In the past I have dabbled with sewing, making clothes and costumes, even some soft furnishings. This patchwork is for a dress, a pin-up dress. Some of my friends and family have seen the … More The 1st Dress