Something to sew when there’s no patchwork.



A friend of mine asked me to make a Tool Roll. Something he can store his crafting tools in. It’s gotta hold craft knives, scissors, paint brushes, pens, little fiddly bits and the like.



Double layer, interfaced cotton broadcloth. The little cream tabs have rare earth magnets inside so it can be hung up when used, on something metal of course. And there’s a nice long strap to wind around and keep it altogether.





Graduated pockets allow for different sized item to be stored.






The top folds down over the tools to help them stay secure when it’s all rolled up.


removable zipper pouch




The removable zipper pouch is lined and interfaced; with a tab at each end to make using the zipper easier. It will hold all the little fiddly bits.






The appliquéd insignia on the front was chosen by my friend. His choice of font, too. I printed them onto Inkjet Printable Fabric. When printing I added some shading to give the letters more depth.

It’s done and delivered to a very happy customer.

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