Getting Ready…

I’m getting ready for my first online sales event.

A friend asked if I would be interested in a Flash Sale online event. Perhaps with not enough fore thought I said YES! It’s been hard to get things ready but I’ve done it.

I have a new sewing area.

Patchwork Pin-Up Studio

This used to be my paper crafting studio, but since I don’t do so much paper crafting anymore, it’s my new sewing studio.


purple polka dot do-rag tied around a simple do.
A ‘Do-rag I’ve been sporting for a little while.










I’ve also organised some fabric combos for purses and scarves/do-rags.

Sample fabric combos for NCWs and ‘do-rags.



The purses I will be making are Necessary Clutch Wallets (NCWs). The pattern is from Emmaline Bags and available on their website.







I am also getting my Etsy store ready. I’ll give a big shout out here and on FB when it’s open.


This post features links to a 3rd party website. This post is in no way sponsored by said 3rd party.

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