A sale and an opening.

A sale.

Today is the big Sale day. Head on over to Facebook to join the Fun. There’s lots of deals and giveaways happening. The giveaways are fantastic! Some really cool things being given away by the vendors. All up there is nearly 20 vendors. Jam packed weekend.
Try to pop into the event today and tomorrow. There’ll be deals advertised and giveaways happening on both days. You’ll need to head to the FB event to find out my deal codes.

An opening.

Today is also the Opening of my Etsy store. It’s a soft opening, to coincide with the sale. Head on over to Patchwork Pin-Up on Etsy and have a look. I’ve opened with a small selection. The selection will grow!

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 07.06.31.png


That’s all for now. Remember head on over to the Sale event on Facebook. Happy shopping and have a weekend. Don’t stay out too long in that hot sun, and remember your hat!


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